Detect if encrypted file . . . and allow move and not just copy

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    There are two (somewhat related suggestions) I made some time ago. Perhaps you decided the suggestions weren’t especially meritorious; perhaps there are technical reasons why neither is feasible. If either is true, sorry to be a pest.

    On the other hand, on the off chance that these got got lost in the wash of suggestions . . . .

    Both concern adding files to a previously created archive.

    (1) I would like to be able to move, and not just copy, files to an archive. So could you add a variation on the Windows trick of moving by default, and copying if dragging and dropping while holding the control key? (Or, if you want copy to be the default, move when the user holds the Shift key.) Now if I move it (which is usually what I do), I have to copy it, and then delete (or wipe) the old file.

    (2) a significant number of times, these are encrypted archives. When I copy now, the encryption option is always listed as disabled. So I have to click the down arrow and choose the encryption method. I would guess, though, that most people who add a file to an encrypted file want the new file also encrypted. So what not make that the default (or at least an options in the config settings to make it the default).

    Not a huge time savings . . . but a time savings for sure. It also ensures that the user doesn’t leave traces of the moved file.

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