Version info

  • what i would like to see on all archivepa can create and backup files of pa, is a version header added so that i can see which version of pa has craeted that file.

    This would aid in diagnosing pa version related bugs

    for instance i can open backup in say one version of pa but i cant in another (only an example). if i go back to other pa version it doesnt have that problem hence the developers can identify the problem quicker.

  • Xobni, has a diagnoses mode, I did make a suggestion sometime ago asking if PowerArchiver had a bug mode or diagnostic.exe

    But to write something like that would possibly take a while and there are so many things on the table.

    1 vote from me.

  • conexware

    such things do not exist in formats we support - or they are not used on purpose.

    PA should always open file that PA created, no matter what version. If it doesnt, then it is bug and we would fix it.

  • the reason why i said this is that in the past i have created several backups with different versions of powerarchiver muddled them up and forgot which version i used to create them and they didnt work in a version of powerarchiver.

    I reinoputted them time consuming but if they had verion info in them i could of checked if it was the latest verion or older version bug and then you could track down that bug more easiley

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