Trunkate context menu values

  • hopefully, this issue hasn’t been raised yet. if so, my apologies in advance.

    however, i’ve notice often when dealing with PA files in windows explorer, such as ‘Extract to here…’ that excessive long files names are often allowed to be excessively long–sometimes taking up the entire width of the screen. it would be great if PA would trunkate the name of the files as shown on the context menu after some specified width, and just add the usual ‘…’ at the end.


  • I’m not sure truncating (especially the end of the name ) is a good idea.

    For extracting - if the file is already selected/highlighted in the explorer window do we actually need the name in PA context menu at all?

    However, the same “problem” exists when long filenames / foldernames are to be compressed (and is worse if compress & encrypt is activated).

    Now truncating the name would have to ensure we do not lose the file suffix which is the only indication of compression method (zip, cab etc.)

    Perhaps use placeholder type text
    “extract to [filename as subfolder]”
    “compress to [filename].zip”

    If is to be a length setting, then make it a configuration option so user specifies the maximum size before changing ??

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