PA 12.01.02 - AutoUpdate Deactivate

  • Hi Guys,

    A pritty simple request really with reference to the formating of the Auto-Update Screen in Configuration.

    When the user selects “Never” under Check for updates. Can you setup the boxe’s and Drop downs to grey out ie disable.

    Thus to enforce a visual confirmation that no comminications or checks will be done during this selection.


  • What would also be nice within this screen is settings for Patchbeam ie Uninstall, Install.

    At work i uninstall the patchbeam from the system but at home I keep it on. I can see many firms not wanting Patchbeam so admins can keep in control of what is being updated.

    Having this available to deactivate, remove or install ie download Patchbeam install program would be a great addition to this “Auto-Update” Tab.

  • Are you asking for an Update Option “notify only”?

    So selecting “Never” or “Notify Only” would enable the uninstall Patchbeam option?

    These users would then have to download the full install version.

  • @TBGBe:

    Are you asking for an Update Option “notify only”?

    So selecting “Never” or “Notify Only” would enable the uninstall Patchbeam option?

    These users would then have to download the full install version.

    Kind of fella,

    When selecting “Never” then all options are disabled or greyed out. However, the “Check for Update” & “Check for New Version” options remain available.

    If you have chosen to disable or uninstall Patchbeam on selecting those buttons it then takes you to the Download Page as “Check for New version” would do. And if Patchbeam is available then it would do its normal thing.

    I would like to treat patchbeam as a plugin. and possibly have it as an option during a fresh installation. Obviosly, defaulted as install.

    For home users patchbeam by default is perfect but for office users or corporations ie Pro and Toolbox users more control over Patchbeam & auto updates is a must.

  • Well, that would work for new versions, but the download page is not very useful for updates/patches (e.g. still shows v12.0.1)

    Why would you have a disable for Patchbeam?
    Just give an uninstall option for those who don’t want it.

  • conexware

    Administrators can already disable updates completely through group policies/registry.
    And you can uninstall it as well at any time.

    There is no point to create separate update check though, it is all done through Patchbeam. If you cant check due to work environment then subscribing to our Facebook, twitter or forums will give you the heads up on the updates. Otherwise we would have to maintain double the code and I think PA.exe is already large enough.

  • I want Patchbeam on my system, it doesnt bother me.

    However, even if there is an option in the registry or group policies to deactivate PB. I think it should be available in a simple tick box within the Application itself.

    Hense my orriginal request of disabling the boxes when selecting “Dont Update”.

    Having Patchbeam listed isnt a priority just an idea.

  • conexware

    but you can disable updates with setting it to Never check for updates via the interface, and you can also normally uninstall PB from your Add Programs?

    Of course, admins can do it via group policies so users can not change it via interface :-). But yes, you can completely disable even the possibility via policies, no matter what option user clicks.

  • indeed, but i still think it should grey out the boxes and default updates if PB is removed to checking the website…

    Yes, of course it wont be the same as patchbeam but some users dont want to update patch’s they want the full download.

    This is something i tried to explain a while ago. you cant just take a Program and force users to have that as the only method to update their software. You need to provide the options for those in restricted enviroments that dont enable proxy services so they can obtain a full download including;

    Virtual Drive
    Outlook Plugin etc

    We can discuss this all week, i wont budge, sorry :)

  • conexware

    it doesnt make sense to make PA slower and bigger for all users just because 0.0001% of users want to download full updates via PA and not via website.

    Right now, PA does not contain any update functionality itself. To add it back, it would mean 1MB extra to PA executable.

    That doesnt really help anyone. End users under admin restrictions cant download anyway, be it PB or website.

    Administrators manage via registry policies and not by going to each computer and checking boxes. Administrators update via MSI installations and not manually installing updates.

    Your problem is actually proxy support and we should add that :-).

  • ;) I dont have a problem personally, bar at work patchbeam doesnt work due to the proxy restrictions. So I have to disable updates as it slows the system down and crashes PA at times.

    I am them forced to download PA, PAOP and Virtual Drivers from the website. of such i managed a hidden forum for the alpha team.

    Other users would have to request this. hense why i suggest you make publically available the latest versions of these files.

    cheers anyway,

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