Silent queue execution (Badly needed)

  • Hi,
    I try to archive many folders over night. I add them to queue. In the morning I wake up to find out that it stopped with some message dialog because of some error or other issues.
    For example something like:
    1. The folder is in use. Enable volume Shadow Copy. (???)
    2. Some unidentified Extract jobs appear in queue which I don’t know from where appeared. I did not explicitly add them to queue. Of course they fail for some reason
    3. Maybe by mistake I added same job twice. (I need PA to prevent adding to queue identical jobs)
    4. Some folder paths are too long.

    This drives me crazy.
    I need an option for jobs to run silently with no dialogs just skip to next job.
    Also when I minimize job to tray it pops again when a new job starts from queue.
    If I minimize to tray I want to stay put to tray and execute silently. Only a tray notification can appear if a job fails. The job should remain in queue with a Fail status.
    Also I’d like for PA to create zero size TMP archive file immediately I add job to queue in order to have a indication it’s gonna be created and rename it to final name after job finishes.
    Also for failed and skipped jobs I want to see reason in a log window.

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