Sfx maker

  • i know i have mentioned this before but it would be nice to have a stanalone sfx amker with more features.

  • I agreed with David Splash

  • What features do you want ?

  • @deipotent:

    What features do you want ?

    1. automatically choose which sfx header, cab zip 7-zip depending on file extension.

    2. whether they should be auto-installing or have a window pop up and ask user to extract

    3. to size sfx modules. One with powerachivers written all over it, and another one smaller with powerarchiver in the about window only. and no help file built in.

    4. ability to put in your own text like in the screenhunter002jpg file a maximum size of course, like 256bytes maybe more, to tell the receiver how to, or whats included in the sfx file, version of program etc, not a disclaimer though.

    example this is the smallest cab sfx i have ever come across that including running an installer 23,552 bytes

    001.jpg without running setup.exe / install
    002.jpg with running setup / install

    any news yet on when 7-zip sfx will be available

  • basically these are the options we need.

    encryption/unencryption automatiaclly

    uninstaller in it. (to be used like a setup program.

    make it plugable so it can have plugins for more formats.

    The ability to intergrate into the most popular archive programs/ email programs.

    To be able to produce not just use compression formats but other formats.

    The ability to have time limited setups that have to be used by a vertain time or they don’t work. this would be great for betas even powerarchivers. The ability to have a commansd line version built into it.

    Intergrateion into word and excel and access

    any more anyone.

  • I would also like it to clean my house and wash my car for me if that can be arranged. :D

    If not, I will settle for it going to work for me. :D

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