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Detect wrong extension

  • I have requested this before but thiought as it is not in the forum any more to reinstat it.

    I would like pa to beable to scan header of a file and basically inform me that the entension is incorrect say i rename a .zip to a .rar i would like pa to inform me that this file is actually a zip file and someone has renamed the entension. this would be great help and i know it can be done as one company does the same on image files. irfanview can do this why can pa not?

  • Good idea! cant see why the fantastic team in ConeXware can’t create a prescan of a file header before extract or opening.

    I second the vote for it. A few times i have come across file’s that accidently had their extensions renamed and i had to guess them to open.

  • Yes, this would be a very useful option.

  • well some people use different extensions even for zip files so they work with there programs

  • something people dont know is that when powerarchiver was free yes when it was known as a differnt name it had this feature so why not reinstate it please

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