PA Windows 7 Start Menu -> Task Lists

  • Hi Guys,

    It would be great to see in Windows 7 for Pro/Toolbox users Start Menu Task Lists.

    An Example of what could be listed in the task list would be;

    1. Virtual Drive [Header]
    1a. Create
    2. Backup’s - [Header]
    2a. Recent Backups
    2b Recent Files
    3. FTP - [Header]
    3a Create

    Obviosly I could go on and the above is an example of the options available via the task lists frmo the start menu in Windows 7.

    However, I do and know of many Windows 7 users who prefer to add their top applications to their start Menu instead of their desktop or having system tray available.

    This is also a good way of increasing boot time apparently! as the Task Lists are just a more modern version of Recent History but managed a bit differently.

  • conexware

    and here i thought that we were first archiver with tasks lists since few years back?

  • Strange?? I dont get this?

    On Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. Have never seen that option.

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