Ribbon Themes

  • Hi Guys,

    Along time ago when PowerArchiver was the 1st Archive program ever to introduce the Ribbon Bar I remember me asking about themes of such Black was introduced.

    Now winzip have finaly caught up with everyone else I have noticed they offer Ribbon Bar Icon Theme packs…

    Is this something possible for PA? ideally if so remove the old skins and introduce some new Ribbon ones to download but not part of the installation.

  • Alpha Testers

    one thing you’ll find with most programs these days is the ability to skin them…people love having a variety to choose from but since the introduction of the ribbon bar things seem to have dried up.

    I figure they are either to hard to skin or there is just way to much effort involved for very little reward…I’ve always liked having a choice but the ribbon design has certainly slowed things down somewhat.

    look at all the great choices we had with earlier PA versions before the ribbon came along.

  • conexware

    too many icons and too little flexibility for the ribbon options, other than 3 different themes already existing, or 20+ real skins for classic menu.

    there is also an fact of 80% using classic and 20% using ribbon (of PA users).

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