Improved Windows Installer

  • Hi Guys,

    I know you have been working very hard on the Installer but since Patchbeam I think its been left aside and seeing that Patchbeam doesnt work behind many proxies that are restricted via business firewalls this still means for many of users having a reliable Windows Installer is important.

    Below are features I would really like to see introduced both as a normal user and business user!

    1. Installer to offer the option to enter or import Registration Details via Manual or PA Backup before install or select Evaluation Version. By installing Backup it would also offer Configuration options before install ie include backup shell layouts etc etc

    2.Check for latest Installer before install.

    3. Online & Offline Installer allowing users who have good internet connection to download a small installer and those who wish to save to server behind a proxy an offline version.

    4. The ability to Deslect PatchBeam as an administrator thus to control who can update.

    5. All software installed under ConeXware Programfiles

    6. The ability to view like in Patchbeam Plugin’s, patches & skins for PA.

  • conexware

    there are reasons for some of these… we have a lot of admin functions and features in PA, but these are currently avail. only to business users purchasing more licenses.

    i am toying with doing wiki about pa ( with info like that.

  • conexware

    as to the online/offline installer, it really just complicates things, we have extremely tiny code for it already done, but it is always a pain to do 10 different version of installer…

    better add proxy support to patchbeam which is what you need anyway :-)q

  • I wish I could change the proxy and I have requested it be looked into. But it isnt me that pushes the button this time my friend :)

    In regards to the admin section of wiki! i think that is a good idea, if you dont want to provide more admin options via installer then its a cheaper way to go.

    But I would like to see options 1, 4 and 5… Admins dont ofton want Patchbeam… esspecially when dealing with hugh numbers not unless you can write patchbeam to be customisable like antivirus programs?

  • conexware

    1 and 4 can already be done simply via registry keys which are currently known only to business users as per explained above.

    we specifically dont use conexware folder to make it simpler for users that browse to program files to open it up…

  • why not just have one installer for everyone but your reg code sorts out the extra features

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