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  • Hi Team,

    We all notice PowerArchiver 2011 is now able to handle larger Archive’s especially when dealing with Backup’s containing multiple sources with many different types of Files.

    One pain when dealing with large archives is trying to locate a specific File or Files. Often PA’s search filter isn’t enough and the user is left to extract to a folder and then use Windows Search to scan for the exact match.

    I would like to see a live search facility just like you get with Windows and many other applications, websites where by they instantly list results that match the users advanced criteria.

    PA’s Search Engine Feature requests;

    Advanced Boolean Capabilities and Constraints

    Historic Searches, even from prior Archive’s

    File Type Filters ie xls; doc; docx

    Ability to Exclude Search Name’s & Filters

    PreSet User Custom Search Filters

    Default Live Sorting & After Sorting

    File Properties Field Searching

    Export On Search*

    • Export on Search is an idea of mine that enables the user to pre filter and enters their Constraints then on select of the search PowerArchiver then exports everything into a Selected Folder.
      I can see an extra Tab in Configuration Screen enabling the user’s to select defaults and also Clear Prior Search’s listed “just like any other engine”.

    The Search Feature has in my eye been left behind over the years, not being a major priority but By introducing something like this PowerArchiver will be keeping once again ahead of the competition.

  • conexware

    i think that system wide search should not be part of PA :-). I mean everything takes time and effort, doesnt make sense to spend an effort on archive specific search, when some free tools like google desktop search through archives as well.

  • Banned

    I think SR was talking about searches within an archive . . . not a system wide search.

    I this this would be beneficial, especially within an archive with hundreds (or thousands) of files.

    Unless I am mistaken, the current search function doesn’t search within folders inside the archive. Or, if it is supposed to, perhaps I have a glitch somewhere else in my system.

  • Sorry Spwolf but maybe I didnt make myself clear,

    My request is to enhance PowerArchiver’s current internal search engine to have the full ability of advanced search engine with todays modern methods for use of internal archives.

    This removes the need for a user to extract archive’s to a location and then use external search facilities.

    So this is an internal advanced search engine to replace the current engine for pro & toolbox users as those versions are more likely to require such a feature not standard.

    We are now in an age where compression methods are so good, we are archiving hundreds apon thousands of files but the ability of searching within those archive’s has not advanced for years…

    Now I believe is the time.

  • Easy on the caps and grocers’ apostrophes mate.


  • conexware

    list is so long, we have only so much time… right now for future, PAF is the priority, because… it changes… everything :-).

    And there is already list of smaller features for .1 release for instance…

  • @spwolf:

    list is so long, we have only so much time… right now for future, PAF is the priority, because… it changes… everything :-).

    And there is already list of smaller features for .1 release for instance…

    I’m not suggesting that you guys should do it for 2011’s version. We are to far to go back now and with the website etc I can understand time is short.

    However, once PAF has been developed and rolled out into 2011’s version. that would be a great time to start working on an advanced Internal Search Engine as it will encourage the user to Archive more knowing they can locate files as they would uncompressed.

    If a user has the confidence they can archive loads more files using PAF & PA 2012 and still find things via an inteligent interface with little to no impact to their time then demand should increase.

    :) Normally my idea’s pan out for the best dont they?

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