Inteligent archiving

  • would like to see pa choose what format archiving format to store files in so if you have some fikle that wont compress and if doing so would create bigger files then just to store them .

    However if say zip is best then use it and if 7zip is best for that file use it. But to store it all in a container archive with encryption.

    In effect several archives in one container archive.

    For example some archive formats are better at txt files than say music files.

    This would save me ages sending people files over the internet and cut my uploading to disc time.

  • Banned

    I think that is a good idea.

    I suppose I thought that is what “optimized” did. But I just did a test run with 8 files of very different types, and all are compressed with LZMA. Now perhaps it is best for all. Not sure.

  • conexware

    sure, thats what optimized does. Both ZIPX and 7Z have limited choice of options there though, only PAF will have sufficient level of different codecs to make real difference.

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    So the idea is that PAF will (a) have more different forms of compression that are file-type specific, AND (b) that at least some number of these will provide better compression for their respective file-types that any other format. Correct?

    I realize the developing such a format is a major endeavor (albeit one which, if realized, will clearly put PA way ahead of all archivers). When, realistically, might it be ready?

    Two last questions (1) I assume the convert module will let us turn PAF files into more familiar formats, and (2) will we be able to create SFX from PAF files?

  • conexware

    yes… it will have specific codecs for pdf, docx, png, jpeg, mp3, odf, html, etc.

    which will enable proper compression of those, which will be at least 20-30% better, depending on format.

  • Banned

    If each is 20-30% better than the respective best compressors, then the combined archive will be ever better than that!

    Do you have a ballpark estimate for completion?

    Am I correct about conversions and SFX’s?

  • conexware

    it shall be awesome, one day :-).

    We will start testing of basics in months… it will take a while for everything.

    As to the conversions and SFX, sure, just like any other format.

  • conexware

    while we would like to have it tomorrow, when you develop new things such as codecs, things almost never go as planned :-).

    But we did mountain of work already.

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