Shell Extension - Additional Sub Menu's

  • Hi Guys,

    Can you please make it possible for users to move “Compress To Formats” into the “Compress With Options Item”

    Thus When the user right clicks they can access to the “Compress To…” Sub Menu then they can see the “Compress To Options” and their additional Compress To formats.

    It would also be a fantastic ability for users to create their own Sub Menus within “PowerArchiver” shell extention.

    ie; I would love to have the ability to create a new shell under PowerArchiver for both Compression & Extraction called “Security” within that I would have

    Decrypt Options…
    Encrypt Options…
    Compress & Encrypt
    FTP Options… ie contains ssl to a secure server.

    These unique shell menus could be customized towards any user’s or administrators needs then saved and rolled out throughout.

    ie ConeXware could have “PowerArchiver 2011” -> “ConeXware Backup” -> Add to backup Script, FTP it… etc etc

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