Which format, when, and why

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    I know you are trying to finish 2011. So put this on the back burner.

    However, when you have time, there’s something I would find very helpful, either in the help file or on the site. Occasionally you address these issues in a forum, or even in the help file. But I would love to see something systematic.

    Provide a list or a table discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each (major) format, and each type of encryption.

    Which formats have the best compression? Which have the best compression speed? Which have the best extraction speed? Are some better for image files? For pdfs? What about encryption formats? Is PAE better, or now somewhat outdated? And by better I don’t just mean more secure, but easier to add, change, and delete files

    I have come to some tentative conclusions on my own, based on narrow testing. I would love to see something more systematic.

    Let me give some examples to illustrate my limited findings:

    • If I am going to ftp, then the compression ratio is very important (since a smaller file ftps quicker than a large one).
    • If it is an archive I change often (particularly wanting to delete individual files), then I use zipx rather than 7zip (can’t delete individual files from a solid archive).
    • If I am not worried about the size of the file, then I want fast compression and fast extraction.
    • If it is archive I will rarely change, I am more likely to use 7 zip.
    • If it is a file I will widely distribute, I use plain zip with legacy compression.

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    your findings are 100% correct.

    i plan to create an wiki for PowerArchiver where we explain things like this - of course, on our own site, as we cant write anything on official wikipedia.

  • i plan also to build wiki but im locking some information here, anyone can help?

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