Advanced batch archive creation options

  • Would be nice and usefull to be able to have more options when doing “batch archive creation”, for instance:

    • use wildcard (*,$,etc…) for file selection/non-selection
      e.g.: select *.log
      select all except *.zip
    • automatically delete source file after compression
    • select file older/younger than x days
    • select x older/newest files
    • delete file older than…
    • going recursively into sub-directories… or not

    All this would allow to easily maintain, compress, for instance, a log directory which do not compress results.

  • Coomand line version (PACL) can do all that (although may need DOS batch files to do the deletions).

  • @TBGBe:

    Coomand line version (PACL) can do all that

    My request/wish was of course a request for the GUI…:rolleyes:

    BTW, unfortunately, command line suffers :( from the same big limitation than the GUI: “-r” works only if we use . as file selection. It is not possible to use wildcards (for instance “*.log”) and “-r”

    I’m currently doing all this via script and command line, but aggregate all this in PA would be nice and easier.

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