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  • ** Cancel Button functionality update?

    Based on the thread I had over in support, I would like to suggest that when a user hits the cancel button that the archive/FTP/etc be cancelled immediately. Currently if I understand right it just cancels the current file and not the entire process.

    Possibly add another button for cancelling the entire process or swap the current one. I would figure hitting cancel would stop the whole thing. Would love to see this!

  • My understanding (for archives) was that it does cancel the entire process, but only when the current file operation is completed.

    Reacting sooner would require interrupting the compress/uncompress operation when “Cancel” is pressed - which would be nice if it can be done (especially when working with GB files).

  • Yeah thats what I was getting at…hitting cancel would stop the process immediately.

  • I’d still like to see this in the software, was curious if anyone else would like to see it too!

  • conexware

    can you clarify better? what exactly does not cancel right away and cancels only current file?

  • Yeah no problem. Lets say I am archiving a big folder with a bunch of files and I realize I need to redo it or for some reason cancel it. Right now if I hit cancel it seems to skip the current file and keep archiving the rest. I was suggesting if you hit cancel during a archive it would stop the entire process and close the window.

  • conexware

    what format is this with? It shouldnt happen that way… thanks!

  • spwolf you want to know something, I was being stupid. when you cancel a archive in progress, and it asks if you want to continue, I hit Yes thinking it meant it was cancelling the process, not continuing. I guess I was confused…maybe a reword might be good? Anyhow, its my mistake and you can delete this thread sorry for the waste of time lol…

  • conexware

    this is done on purpose, since we deemed it was better if you confuse continue than confusing cancel :-)

  • conexware

    np :-)

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