Smart folder extract context option

  • How about a smarter extract to folder option from Windows Explorer?

    I always select the Extract to (archivename) folder option when extracting, as I don’t want to check and see if the archive contains a top level folder.

    However, this means I have to move the folder contents up one level if it does.

    How about an option setting or Extract context menu action that automatically skips the top level folder if it exists when extracting to a new folder is selected?

  • Or the ability to create “Location Categories” where by when you go to extract or compress you can select a drop down this would contain custom titl’es that direct PA to the location… so

    You could have “Torrents” and that would goto mydocs/Torrents/

    That way you save time having to direct it to the location of regular directories…

    You could even have a thing called “Smart Location” where by you could set PA to extract or compress files to a location dependent on their File Type… A handy feature for Admin and pro users.

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