Improve virtual drive and password handling

  • 1. Virtual drive not only for iso files, but nrg, bin etc. (Actually I have just bought PA and thrown out my virtual drive software because I thought PA Virtual Drive could handle all image file…)
    2. Virtual drive for archives (it would be useful for example in case of multi-volume rar with lots of parts)
    3. Stored password list: during extract PA should try these stored passwords. If there isn’t any match, show the password dialog. (It would be super comfortable to extract when you work with archives using the same passowrd.)

  • conexware

    we are thinking about doing special app for virtual drive archives, a bit different from virtual drive (it would be done as network drive, so no special drivers needed)

    but keep in mind that rar files for instance are not the same as ISO - in some cases (depending on your player), you would still have to “extract” complete movie before watching it… while some smarter players like MPC would make it work.

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