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  • Banned

    When I click extract, I get a list of Most Recently Used Options.
    I like that.

    However, some of these paths I used once and am unlikely to ever use again. Nonetheless, it is there forever there on the MRU.

    In earlier versions of PA, I could go into regedit and delete unwanted entries manually.

    Now all the entries are in HEX, and, since I am no good at translating HEX into pathnames, I am no longer sure which ones to delete.

    If you don’t want people monkeying with the registry, then could you provide a way to delete these within the UI? If not, could you change the code so we could delete them via regedit?


  • conexware

    reason they were changed is due to unicode (as supposed to plain ansi before), so foreign letters would be displayed for everyone properly

  • Banned

    Given this understandable change, I wish to request that you add this ability to the new PA.

  • conexware

    logged in our wishlist, tx!

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