Best format used on file

  • I would like to see powerarchiver do something like this
    special compression algorithms use in fast compression modes g.g GRZIP for texts and Tornado for binary data

    Basically i want to see smart compression the best format used for the differnt files in an archive the best for media the best for txt the best for web etc on each file format, so you get the best compression regardless if the archive is made up of different archive formats

  • conexware

    you still amaze me david… we have this big thread about new format, and then you post this here.

  • its not a new format its an idea for powearchiver to decide what format to use on a file thats why i kept it separate.

    No new format could do all what i suggested only the program can as a format can not check routine within it for the best file archive format to use on a file. that would make the archive format too big and very slow.

    this is an idea for powerarchiver to implenent as i have seen it on a few archivers out there and love it.

    this is a program idea not a new format idea.

    should i post every wprogram idea i have on new archive format then

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