Thumbnail view insides an archive

  • I switch from IZArc to PowerArchiver because though IZArc supports making and decompressing almost all archive formats, its speed of making a ZIP archive or decompressing files inside an archive is too sluggish, and PowerArchiver is faster than WinZip, WinRAR and IZArc, also it has more funcitons. But later I found out that IZArc can not use thumbnail view insides an archive, like WinZip and ACDSee, XnView does.

    Here are the evidences presented below:

    Hope that PowerArchiver 2011 can solve this issue. :)

  • conexware

    too late for PA2011, we do have nice preview though :-).

    We could add this in one of the future updates, just keep reminding us!

  • conexware

    (ie PA2011 is almost complete, we are solving last issues before public release candidate/beta)

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