Feature requests for PA installer

  • A couple of installer Feature Requests:

    1. When you install PA over the top of an old version of PA, the installer correctly remembers where you installed PA (even if it’s not at the default location), but it does not remember where you placed the Start Menu shortcuts. Can this be remembered because I install the PA Start Menu shortcuts to “Utilities\PowerArchiver”.

    2. Add an option to add a QuickLaunch icon. I prefer to install a QuickLaunch icon instead of Desktop icon. I know the desktop icon can be easily dragged from the Desktop to the QuickLauch bar, but it would be nice if you could do it from the installer.

    3. Add an option to install for All Users. When disabled, PA will only be installed for the current user.
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  • conexware

    We had few wishes for 9.1 that involved around remembering those details, which is why now installation path is remembered. We had some trouble with making it remember program group (ie start menu shortcuts) because Inno setup didnt want to read it if we are not using their unininstaller (which we are not).

    We will check it out again… As to the rest, I will leave them for 9.5.


  • @spwolf:

    … if we are not using their unininstaller (which we are not). …

    Why you don’t use “their” Uninstaller?

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