Could a builtin checksummer be implemented

  • Could PowerArchiver provide a builtin checksummer such as md5sum please ?

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    Could PowerArchiver provide a builtin checksummer such as md5sum please ?

    for what use exactly?

  • I often send archives via email, FTP, MSN or other network methods. On occasion the archives become corrupted. It would be cool if I could get powerarchiver to calculate an md5 checksum for the archives I create.

    I can then send the md5sum to the recipient so they can verify the archive.

  • If you can’t open an archive, it’s almost 100% sure that the archive is broken. In this case you have to resend the mail archive. Basically I think an MD5 function is not necesarry. You needn’t an md5 summer to know if you can open an archive or not

  • I would agree with you if it were always a person at the other end doing the decoding but it could be daemon who wants to verify an archive before perhaps emailing back to say it was ok.

    Nice to have the backup knowledge that the archive was complete before transfer.

    Just an idea…. :-)

    cheers - Martyn

  • simply they would test the archive via the test button on any archiver. Its better to havev par format to do this. However i don;t see the need even a checksum can get corrupt over the internet.

  • There are lots of programs that will do that for you.

    I’m sorry if I seem to be intruding on this forum, but I did whip up a program like what you are asking for in VB.NET. It basically calculates Checksums using CRC32, MD5, and SHA1.

    You would then call it like the following…
    crcmd5sha1 CRC/MD5/SHA1,FileName

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