Need to see thumbnails not icons like 7zip

  • when individual files are encrypted as well as the folder, 7-zip has a feature that decrypts all the files and displays them as actual thumbnails instead of just icons. This is especially useful when dealing with images of various sorts and needs to be available with zipx compressed archives especially, since they are frequently made up of images. Personally, I am waiting on such a feature to be added to PowerArchiver before I decide to invest in such a zipx program. I am also very cost-sensitive and if someone else comes out with this feature for zipx first or for less money, I am apt to opt for that developer’s solution, so I suggest that you hurry, please. If your software were free for personal use, I would have little ground to stand on, but it is a significant cost now, and it certainly needs to meet my needs in handling zipx to be worth it for me.

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    If your software were free for personal use, I would have little ground to stand on, but it is a significant cost now, and it certainly needs to meet my needs in handling zipx to be worth it for me.

    Interesting, my personal opinion is that PowerArchiver is that kind of software that gives the user a lot of value for the money. IMHO no other archiving software come even close to the functionality and value for the money that PowerArchiver gives you, but that’s only my personal opinion.

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  • Hi First let me welcome you to the PowerArchiver Forum!

    In regard’s to your post obviously the ConeXware developers strive to read, understand and if Applicable will put it forward requests for the next Release.

    One particular point your mentioned was that you are “Very Cost-Sensitive” and that if another developer were to put that particular feature in their product you would most likely go with them.

    However, if you are within that bracket of being Cost Sensitive you would also not just look at that one particular feature, but also all the additional features you could get for your money!

    For example if you were to find an archive tool that just did Zipx and was able to display your File’s and Folder’s in whatever way you requested but was priced at the same cost as PowerArchiver or potentially Winzip without any other additional features such as Backup, FTP, File Viewer, Burner not to mention all the other format’s you can read and create and you were to of purchased that other product. I honestly and personally would not count you as Cost Sensitive.

    Now there is nothing wrong with being picky especially when you are handing out the cash, but going back to you being someone who wants to get the most out of his/her cash and the fact you have tried PowerArchiver as well as other programs but yet has gone out of your way to create a forum ID and written then posted this thread making this clear request to me it is a bold indication that PowerArchiver is on your top list.

    I categorically guarantee that you will not Find Another company that develops an Archive Utility so Customer focused and Day after day strives to find ways to make using it’s program easier and quicker than ever including proving additional features so users need not look for “yet another application” when dealing with Archive’s.

    Let’s not forget to mention the fact that PowerArchiver offers unlimited updates for Home users with free outlook, Command line plugin’s of which well marketed corporations such as Winzip does not!

    You have the ability to buy something, and be part of a community that works with the Developers to make PowerArchiver even better and when those requests are announced and added to it you get them absolutely FREE! Where other software firms would wait till then next main release and charge an upgrade fee.

    I would have to say that purchasing PowerArchiver would certainly be a Very Cost Affective move and would certainly pay for it’s self if you use something like this regularly.

  • Thank you, Sir Richard, for your prompt response. I appreciate your approach, but it won’t turn me into a paying customer until and unless PowerArchive provides the feature I requested, namely, the ability to actually see thumbnails (NOT just icons)of image files contained within folders whenever both the files and the folders are compressed with Zip-X. I pointed out that 7-Zip already has this feature for regular Zip files and how important it is to have it for Zip-X since so many of the files using its compression seem to be image files, since you need to be able to see the image thumbnail before you know what to do with the individual Zip-x files. By the way, if you’re thinking of suggesting that I should manually open each file one at a time, don’t, as that aproach is way too slow and (human) labor intensive, and it fails to provide an easy way to compare the files. If this PowerArchive program is still under development, then it should not be too hard to add this feature, and conversely, if adding a discrete feature like this that a competitor already has is not given serious consideration then it raises questions as to whether this program is actually still under development or just a pre-packaged solution that you have no real intention of improving. For what it’s worth, you can skip the length sales pitch for this software and save yourself some time, since all I am interested in at this time is the answer to my query.

  • The whole point of having an “evaluation copy” of any software is to see if it does what you want.

    “internetexplorer” has tried PowerArchiver and found a feature that he would like, then posted about it in the wishlist rather than just abandon PA - I see this as a “good” thing.

    BTW unclear if you are saying 7-zip does or does not do what you want with zipx files, but if it does then do use it - can’t get more “cost effective” than free :p

    Conexware will consider the feature request and possibly add it in a future version - the only disappointing thing is they will not commit to giving out a date when/if it will be done. But please stay around and see what happens.

    P.S. Anything else you feel is “missing”?

  • Just realised, although “icon display” isn’t available, have you tried the preview window?
    Admittedly it works with one file at a time but you can see each picture in the archive and it’s better than nothing :D

  • I appreciate your timely answer, TBGBe, as it is much more in keeping with what I was hoping to hear from PA about the possibility of such a new feature being added. I will “stay tuned for later developments” as they say in some breaking news stories, since I am looking forward to being able to use such a feature in PA at the earliest feasible date. I must admit that part of my concern is that as far as I know 7-zip does not support zipx format in any way, so I guess that answers your question about wny I don’t just go and use it. Your latter post’s suggestion of using the preview window is good as far as it goes, but is still only a one-image-at-a-time approach which unfortunately does not solve my problem of needing all the thumbnails. It is good to be able to propose this feature to you, and I hope the result will be as good as your words sound to me.

  • I was confused by your saying “like 7-zip” at one point then later “7-zip does with Zip”; thanks for clearing it up.

    But I’m just another user like you - although I’ve been around here a bit longer :D

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