Filehandling: encrypt and SFX the same way as ADD to zip

  • Up front: I usually donot work with PA in ‘Explorer-mode’, I normally use the context menu-items because
    I think they are faster.
    PA’s Explorer opens up another Explorer requiring me to select (source/destination) files, folders…

    First: Set view to: View -> Display style -> Explorer with Folders.

    1. ZIP: In the right window panel select one or more files, click on ADD + OK - done!
    (by default, the zip is nicely placed in the same folder)

    2. Encrypt: In the right window panel select a file, click on Encrypt …

    A new explorer window is opened…
    I have to browse to the folder and select the file.
    Let’s assume it is a file in some sub\sub\sub\sub-folder.
    When browsing you need to remember that folder…

    Suggestion: same as 1

    3. SFX: same suggestion as with Encrypt

    4. Folders: In the left window panel: select a Folder.

    • Add/Encrypt/SFX the entire folder
    • By default the foldername (same as “ADD” to zip)
    • By default in the folder where the subfolder is located.

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