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To bale to repair rar files like winrar can

  • it would be nice if we can repair rar files like winrar can thats the reason most people use winrar

  • Alpha Testers

    Are you sure about that?
    I presumed people used it for creating rar files.

  • obviously the last person to reply to this thread has never used winrar. what i wnat is powerarchiver to have the ability to repair rar file like winrar can which is allowed by winrar creators

  • Alpha Testers

    Oh I know what you want that was perfectly clear in your post.
    But you said.

    thats the reason most people use winrar

    I still think you will find most people use winrar to create rar archives, not for repairing them.

  • Children …. be nice :p

    I think davidsplash misunderstood Luxor’s reply and thought you were questioning whether WR supported “repair”.

    Admittedly davidsplash’s response was “brusque” but you’ve both been here long enough to know better!!

    davidsplash - are you sure that WR freely allows the repair function without having to pay a license fee (i.e. any competitor can do it)?
    E.g. I’m not sure that it is built into unrar.dll.

  • didnt say it had to be free but would be nice as a paid plugin to save me using winrar

  • @davidsplash:

    it would be nice if we can repair rar files like winrar can thats the reason most people use winrar

    O my god I was just about to make a new thread about this very thing!

    Just the other day I downloaded 20 rar parts and one of the parts needed to be fixed. And because PowerArchiver does not have this feature I had to download and install WinRAR :(!

    Please add “Repair RAR” option to PowerArchiver!

    I would also gladly pay something for a “Repair RAR plugin”

  • another idea stemming from this would be to have pa own version of rar protection on all marchives it can create if you wnat it to.

    something like par format would be an idea simple easy to impliment and well worth it.

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