Batch Archive does not work with queue

  • Hi,
    Batch archive tool is very nice tool.
    But my problem is with following scenario:
    I have many tasks already running in main queue.
    Now I want to run batch archive job. Unfortunately it starts in parallel with jobs in main queue and slows down my machine.

    Please add option to add archives from batch archive list to main queue.

    In my opinion this batch archive tool is kinda duplicated functionality. I would love to be unified with main queue.
    This means to be accessible from context menu. When I select multiple files or folder(s) I should have context menu item (Batch archive …) which opens Batch archive dialog.
    I this dialog I’d like to see a list with files/folders selected and be able to drag & drop other files I may select.
    After I press OK all files in list to be added to main queue.

    Also for Multi-Extract I’d like to see similar functionality.

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