Split 7zip file task and split file profiles

  • I’d like to have functionality for splitting files.
    I’d like to be able to split a 7zip file to convert it to multi-volume.
    I need profiles for split and ability to add split task to queue.

  • You can create split archives - PA calls this “Disk Spanning” for historical reasons.

    However, to “split” an existing archive is only available for Zip - other types have to be done manually (extract / re-compress).

  • Splitting 7zip file is like splitting any other file with a common split /combine tool found in file managers (split / combine in speed commander or total commander)

    What i am suggesting is that PA support also generic split/combine jobs with profiles suitable for various archive types.

  • But that generic type of splitting does not create “multi volume” archives which you said you wanted, these “splits” would have to be re-joined before you could extract from them.

    “Spanning” is part of the compression function and these do not have to be re-joined before extracting (hence the term “multi-volume”.

    I was agreeing that spanning would be useful for other formats such as 7zip - but for generic splitting I think there are already good utilities available. (eg HJSplit ).

  • I use GSplit for splitting 7zip archives.
    As long as 7zip naming standard is respected 7zip sees the split files as multi-volume and is able to extract them.

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