Close to tray & click on tray should open Queue window

  • Hi,
    Close windows icon is disabled. I must use non-standard Close button.
    I would prefer to use standard window button that should close window to tray.
    At least rename Close button to “Minimize to tray”.

    Also on one (or double click) click on tray icon would be nice to open Queue window.

    Queue window is more important to me than Power Archive main window that I rarely use.

  • Please check utorrent.
    On close window it minimize to tray.
    On minimize window it minimize to taskbar.

  • conexware

    which operation are you referring to for the close being disabled?

    If you right click the PA starter, you can show que

  • conexware

    thank you for liking Queue - please understand that PAStarter that runs Queue options is tiny program written in assembler like programming language, which is why it is simple looking. And thats why it is so small and efficient.

    Some of the things you posted we can not implement (for instance progress as actual compression tasks are not handled by Queue but rather by PowerArchiver itself, again to make it smaller, and you can not transfer progress from one application to another that easily - it is pretty hard actually).

    We will take an look at all of the wishes you suggested, and hopefully implement some of them. Keep them coming.

  • I’d like that at least clicking on queue item to restore progress window for that job.

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