Put % completed on progress window title bar

  • After my other posts, this request is quite an easy one :)

    Can you also put the % completed on the title bar so that it appears on the taskbar button. Make sure it’s the first thing in the title bar otherwise you won’t be able to see the percentage on the taskbar button unless you allow really wide buttons :)

    eg. Instead of “PowerArchiver 2004 - Compressing”

    have “43% - PowerArchiver 2004 - Compressing”

    The same goes also for when Testing an archive.

  • Good idea !!

  • would it be possible to reverse the order of the taskbar entry when an archive is open?

    currently it’s “PowerArchiver 2004 - ArchiveName.zip” and you only actually get the first Letter of the archive name this way.

    Could it be made “ArchiveName.zip - PowerArchiver 2004” or something? i’m not sure how winzip or winrar do this, they may drop the product name all together. i just know if isn’t an issue there :)

  • conexware

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  • Hi all,

    I’ve not noticed winrar has that yet, but winace and winuha have that. Anyhow, having the completion % in the begiinning is really a great idea :cool: , followed by the file name…
    If the bar space is too limited, one can put some of these (like the application name) (probably also) into the tool tip as in winace and winuha. ;)

    By the way,
    The full path is shown on the right click menu when trying to decompressing a file. How to change it to a relative folder address rather than the whole root address? :confused:

    Is it good to make an option to shorten the relative folder name with “…” to avoid long name from a folder or file that may be prone to crashing the window?

    Have a nice day. :)

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