Improvements to backup feature

  • I have a few suggestions for PowerArchiver’s backup tool:

    1. When creating/editing an SFTP profile, it would be really nice if there was a “test” button to check if you’ve entered the parameters properly. Not being able to check this until you actually do a backup is error prone…
    2. It would be nice if the progress bar showed the transfer progress was displayed in the progress bar (maybe it does but I just didn’t get far enough to notice any progress, see #3). Being able to stop the backup during the SFTP transfer via the “Stop” button would be nice too.
    3. The SFTP transfer speed is very slow. I estimate that it seems to max out around 300-500kb/sec. However, if I use another tool such as SecureFX to transfer the same file to the same SFTP server, I easily get 10x that speed (the server is on my local 100mbit network).
    4. Support for SSH public keys in SFTP profiles would be nice.
    5. It would be pretty neat if PowerArchiver could take advantage of Windows Volume Shadow Copy service (available in WinXP and later I believe). I’m not all that familiar with how it works, but I’ve seen other backup tools use it. It allows backups of files that are opened for exclusive read access by other programs so it would allow you to backup Outlook’s pst file even while Outlook is running, for example.

  • DaCypher,

    PA included the Backup utility sometime ago and since then there have been many adjustments to improve the way it functions. Your suggestions will of course be looked into and hopefully you will notice them slowly poping into the next Version.

    Thanks for your Comments.

  • Another thing that should be mentioned is that it can take a while for any UI to show when starting the backup. I have a decently sized backup setup to use 7zip (encrypted, if that matters). I have a shortcut to my .pbs file. When I click the shortcut I heard a lot of harddrive activity but it takes about 5 minutes before there is any visual indication that something is happening. Eventually an item will show up on my taskbar and clicking that will bring up the PA backup tool’s user interface.

  • conexware

    if you have some specific problems with backup or any other part of PA, you have to create new thread (one thread per problem OR wish), so we can track these properly… thanks.

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