Multicore Support for PAE Decrypt/Encrypt

  • I have a >2GB zip file that I encrypted to PAE. It takes literally >40 minutes to decrypt, and if I accidentally mistype the password, that’s a waster 40 minutes.

    Right now I’m decrypting the file and it’s only using 25% of my Quad Core (if I force affinity to 1 core, that cores usage goes up to 100%). Are there any plans to further implement multi core support into these other areas?

  • conexware

    multicore decompression is much different to compression, but we will see… there is actually something going on with pae format these days ;-)

  • is PAE a powerarchiver proprietary format?

  • conexware


    is PAE a powerarchiver proprietary format?

    currently yeah…well all of the formats inside are public, it is just container.

    keep in mind that i do not know of anything that decrypts in multicore actually, not in true sense of word. For instance no compression tools support multicore extraction either, just compression.

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