Writing archive types in registry

  • Currently PA writes empty archive extensions not associated with PA in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. I wish that there were some way to prevent this. In other words, I wish that only those extensions specified by the user were written.

    One of the reasons is that those registry cleaning programs constantly find those empty extensions.

  • So don’t use them or get the program to ignore them :).

    I have used many over the years without any benefit whatsoever.

    They invariably result in something becoming broken, and only realising it after the event.


  • @drteeth:

    So don’t use them or get the program to ignore them :).

    That wouldn’t change the fact that registry entries for file types are cluttered. This is annoying when using RegEdit scrolling through r01-99 to z01-99.

    I don’t play games. So what are Quake PK3 registry entries doing there? I don’t like it when programs start doing something that user doesn’t tell it to do.

  • conexware

    we will check it out for one of the future versions.

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