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Self extracting icon

  • I know I’ve mentioned this before in the past and I also realize that cosmetic tweaks take a back seat to more important work on the program but I was wondering when you will ever get to replacing that damned awful icon that’s currently used on a self-extracting archive…;)

  • conexware

    well its a bit old school thinking… to have proper icon, icon size would have been bigger than size of SFX itself 😉

  • Size doesn’t matter 😉

  • you can’t have a sleek product and a ‘raggedy’ old icon which looks like it’s come from the old windows 3.1 days…:D
    it looks so bad I try to avoid using it…:rolleyes:

  • @guido:

    Size doesn’t matter 😉

    From someone who knows PowerArchiver is a compression application - I don’t believe that :p

  • A prettier modern icon would be great. The blocky one hurts my eyes. I use small icons usually, but sometimes I see big icons and that’s when those blocky icons really stand out as ugly, especially in Windows 7.

  • conexware

    maybe that new installer icon for win7 is smaller sized at 256x256… otherwise the problem is that the icon will be bigger than SFX… so to send someone 10 kb contents, you will need to send them 300 KB file.

  • isn’t there a version of the already used icon in a much better condition?
    if you create an exe using the 7zip format the icon is perfect.

  • conexware

    check the sizes for sfx’s…

  • screenshot shows examples…top 2 being zip and bottom 2 being 7zip

  • conexware

    Sorry, i should not have made you do all that work ;-).

    7zip sfx is 297 kb, zip sfx is 52kb.

  • conexware

    (PA folder\SFXS)

  • I take your point on the additional sizes being added by using the sfx option but surely you do need ‘THAT’ improved icon…;)

    wonder how many people actually use the sfx option these days?

  • conexware

    btw, why is anyone using zip sfx? use 7zip… especially updated version coming in next release 😉

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