Suggestion for internal viewer setting

  • an option in the options menu where you can directly set up which viewer should be used if you click View button.

    Currently you just can choose, if you have activate the option “Prompt when View button is pressed”

  • There is an option -
    Configuration / Program Locations / Viewer.

    The “prompt” option then allows selecting PA Internal / Configured / System Default

    Do you mean you want to pre-configure different viewers depending on file type?

    • ViewerA for graphic files
    • ViewerB for text files
    • ViewerC for pdf files

  • I think this would be difficult, because of the large amount of file types

    It would be enough if you could make a preselection directly in the optionsmenu for

    • internal Viewer
    • associated program
    • user defined viewer

  • Sorry, I still don’t understand what you are asking for :-

    With “Prompt when View button is pressed” NOT activated

    1. User defined viewer - entry in Configuration / Program Locations / Viewer

    2. If no entry in Configuration / Program Locations / Viewer then PA uses its internal viewer.

    3. Use Associated Program instead of a viewer - that is done via Double Click of filename inside PA window (not pressing View).

    With “Prompt when View button is pressed” IS activated

    • click View and PA allows you to select from the three above options.

  • at present you can just click a file and it will load if associated with a program in windows. why do we really need an internal viwer i use irfanview for images and notpad for txt file adobe fopr adobe file and for doc files word.

  • @davidsplash:

    … why do we really need an internal viwer…

    Well, normally using associated applications would lauch an application which can do other things besides just show the contents. Remember the problems caused by the simple change to file extensions caused by the ILOVEYOU “virus” (.txt.vbs).

    If everyone used a simple file viewer for email attachments as well as archive contents, it would have made this a non-event.

    By default graphic files (gif jpeg) are associated with InterNet Explorer. This opens you to various virus/trojan attacks. And the various “helper objects” such as .scr/.vbs files are even more likely to be dangerous.

    Using a simple viewer which cannot/does not perform any running/launching of the file is usually much quicker, safer and less wasteful of system resources.

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