Change Archive Path bug

  • When I add files using Shell Extansions,
    in Add window PA displays full path to the New archive.
    For example:
    If I change it to “” and press Add button
    PA will exit without creating archive…

    I think that it is incorrectly…


    -WinRAR (in this case) will create an archive in the folder
    where the source files are located… :cool:

    • Another way is to show message:
      “Incorrect path”, MB_ICONERROR ;)

    • Also you can fix this problem by disabling edit field…
      so users can change the path only using Browse button… :)

    Thank you!

  • This happens only with CAB, LHA and BH formats.

  • conexware

    It is not an bug, it just needs to show error message when wrong data has been entered… As to the other thing - making it recognize local folder, I am moving it to the wishlist…

  • conexware

    p.s. bug with improper path / pa canceling has been reported on official bug list.


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