Customizable Shell Extentions

  • Hi Guys,

    This is something that I have wanted for some time. But we have been so busy with the testing of PA V.11 So at the time I decided to leave it for a bit!

    Now we have a stable release I feel that the “Shell Extentions” could do with a little tweak and some minor improvments.

    These being;

    1. The ability for the user to create their own “Sub Menu’s”.

    For example I have often wanted to create a sub menu called “FTP & Email” for the menu FTP & email and a custom sub called “Misc Archives” for things like CAB’s, ISO’s, TAR, LHA etc.

    This would allow me to have all the options in a clean and organised manor around my user requirements.

    2. Option to Rename current sub names. ie I dont want “Compress & FTP” I just want “FTP” as I know it compresses it.

    3. The ability to “APPLY” Changes so a user can preview the changes without having to “OK” out of the configuiration screen.

    4. The option to reset any changes made back to Default “with a prompt”.

    Obviosly, should I wish to customize my own menus and give them their own names and want to roll out the same configuiration to other computers as Long as I know where the registry key is I can export them. Or if PA can include the ability to save settings as a file type that could be run on another system that would be great.

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