Show all broken files during extraction?

  • Hi, I really like Powerarchiver, but there is one feature I am missing (which only winrar has afaik).

    If I extract a multivolume file (lets say 10 parts) and part 2 and 8 are corrupt, PA only extracts up to part 2 and says that this file is broken. So far so good.
    But winrar now proceeds on extracting and lists all broken files of the volume.
    With PA I have to replace the broken part 2 and then have to start the extraction again. This I have to do every time until I replaced every broken part. Because with PA I dont know how many parts are broken.

    Hope you understand what I mean ;)

  • conexware

    yeah, it was already requested… its not easy to do as this is not feature included in official unrar3.dll, but we have it on our list as one of the things to do (when we get some time) :)

  • May I ask how long it is on your to-do list :D
    (only to imagine when it could be ready ;) )

    (do not take this too serious :p )

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