Archive Properties always shown as "Unknown"

  • It might just be me, but on the Archive Properties dialog, the following information is always “Unknown”:

    Ver. to extract
    Ver. made by
    Host OS

    I have tested it with several ZIP archives which I know have been compressed using standard Zip compression (ie. not Zip64), and were created solely on Windows. Why is this information not shown ?

    Can you fix this please ?!

  • I’ve always had this problem too.

  • More/Better information in the properties window is already on the Wish List.

  • the main problem will always be that this information can really only be created at the time of creation, so for instance sake not all archive progams do this. If and when powerarchiver does this it will be one of the first to do this. It should be made standard on all arechive programs

  • Yes, but when I checked the central directories of the test archives I created, every file entry had the following info:

    version made by operating system (00): MS-DOS, OS/2, NT FAT
    version made by zip software (20): 2.0
    operat. system version needed to extract (00): MS-DOS, OS/2, NT FAT
    unzip software version needed to extract (20): 2.0

    Therefore the information is present, but PA is not using it when displaying the Properties dialog. Why bother having these entries on the Properties dialog if they are always “Unknown”

  • conexware


    there is already an thread like this, which then started the wishlist thread.
    Info is not always unknown, it depends on different formats. For some it showns info and for others it does not, leaving “Unknown”. In this case, certainly ZIP info is wrong due to comptability with older/other utilities - or do you think you cant extract the files in Win98 OS?

    As TBGBe said, wishlist is here:

    I am moving this to the wishlist and closing it. Please reffer to the above thread for more info on how new properties should look like.

    thank you!

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