Intelligent Compression & Auto Sorting

  • One feature I would like to see in the next version would be what I would call “Intelligent Archiving”
    Basically when the user selects a folder to compress PA scans the file types within that location and depending on default or customized parameters it compresses the contents using the best or selected method for those types.

    Ie; If I have a folder that has 5 Word Documents and 6 Spreadsheets but with 1 Video it would compress the folder using Zip or 7zip as they are two of the best methods of compressing the more common file types those being xls & doc.
    An additional option that I would integrate would be Intelligent sorting. For example, if I have a folder that contains Multiple file types such as XLS, doc, HTML, MP3 etc. On selection during compression PowerArchiver will create a sub folder titles for each format ie

    Spreadsheets - xls
    Word Documents - doc
    Websites - HTML
    Media – MP3

    Or depending on a users settings it could be
    Documents – xls, doc
    Websites - html
    Music – mp3

    The auto sorting option would be a nice addition to backup and ftp as users could archive and upload to wherever they want files depending on their file type or personalised description instead of the original folders hierarchy.

  • conexware

    we already have Optimized method, and this is what it does :-). It selects proper algorithm to compress specific file types :).

  • I understand that part :) but what I am asking for is a section for user customizable optimization.

    The auto sort into folder categories would also be a nice addition to the PA Flagship.

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