• How about custom shell extensions that can zip and rename to something else. For instance gmail doesn’t support zip attachments with exe’s in them. I would love to be able to specify a shell extensions to zip but name the file .changetozip instead of zip etc.

    It looked like something might be there in the options, i tried adding a new profile, but you can’t specify the extensions to use, independent of the compression type. And i couldn’t get it to show up on the shell menus in the options as well.

    I can go about this other ways but thought it might be a useful feature for emailing compressed archives using gmail and other virus scanning web mails.

  • Renaming may not work if they check the file contents as well as the extension. Why not use a different compression type (e.g. Blakhole [bh]) or maybe a password (PAE file)?

  • That’s part of the reason their security is kind of ridiculous is because it doesn’t scan any files that it doesn’t recognize the extension. I think 7z and rar are not scanned.

    Could this change in the future yes.

    But I choose zip because most people have some kind of utility to extract this. Where encryption or other format might not be as well adopted. We use gmail hosting for a couple of domains that we have to send things out from.
    As well as my personal email.

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