Dinamicly loading Starter

  • I hate having anything startup with windows that is not a necessity, Like, for instance, Powerarchiver 2009 Queue/Starter. I think it’s a great Idea, but in need of one major improvement like not starting up with the computer. This may not seem like a big deal to you :rolleyes: , but having a bunch of programs all starting at the same time is both annoying, takes forever and also makes for a more unstable system. I love the idea of your starter creating a Queue for files, but why have it running all the time when it can be loaded dynamically (just when needed) then (say after a set-able delay, like 5 to 15 minutes minutes) remove itself from memory. Would you please consider making this change? :D

    thanks much
    James Gresley

  • conexware

    PA Starter is one that dynamically loads PA when needed:-). Thats why it is done in different programming language so memory usage would be minimal.

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