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    are there any plans in the pipeline to implement an option to unmount a virtual drive by means of a systray icon perhaps whereby I could just right click it and tell it to unmount?

    or have I perhaps missed the boat here and someone else has possibly requested it?
    I couldn’t see anything in my search for such an option….figured lots of members may find this option useful.

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    If you use PA starter the option to Unmount/Remove Device is already there.

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    thanks Luxor…I forgot that option even existed.

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  • I was also vainly looking for an unmount feature.

    Am sorry and maybe I should be ashamed of myself, but … PA Starter ??

    Right now I am using the rmb to mount an .iso, but am using Directory Opus, rmb->virtual drive to unmount it.

    Wished that
    a) a fixed drive letter cud be configured e.g. ‘Z’
    b) unmount be available in the context menu
    or at least optionally add this to the context menu.

    thank you!

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    PA Starter is in your Powerarchiver directory…
    it’s an *.exe file (PASTARTER.EXE)

    after you run PA Starter the icon indicated in the screenshot will show in your systray…right click on it and all your options are in the menu.

  • Thanks a lot!
    Frankly, I ‘forgot’ this option :o as I disabled PA to startup at PC boot in order to cut down autostarting applications to a minimum.

    Still - as after all the unmount-option is in fact available - I keep on hoping that that the developers will also make it available to be added to the usual context menu…

    and also have an option to assign a driveletter when mounting. Reason for asking this is that I have external drives that I sometime use (for backups). PA is taking the first free driveletter, which I have assigned to one of the ext.drives.
    Consequently I should go into Windows Control to re-assign driveletters.

    Anyway, thanks again!

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    yep I agree it would be handy in the context menu…
    as I to disabled PA Starter to minimise autostarting applications.

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    thanks for the info…I’ll check it out.

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