Wishes from a new user

  • I am a new user and curently using PA 2010 11.50.48 RC1. I apologize first if some of my wishes are just consequeces of being Beta/RC and some kind of fix/improvement is already planned.

    1. The “Extract to …” dialog/window: This is resizable, but its size is not remembered. There is a tree inside the window and I would like to keep it a certain size all the time.

    2. Preview Window: Its position is constantly reset, like when I change Modern Toolbar to Classic Toolbar. I would like its position to be remembered too. The same goes to FTP, Backup List, and Command Prompt Window.

    3. The UI font: I wish that users can change this independently. The same way users can change the font for file names and for command prompt.

    4. Compress option: I wish there is an option somewhere to delete the original file(s) being compressed.


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