Please please please for Power Archiver 2010!!!

  • Hi!

    I think Power Archiver is a fantastic product and I especially love how integrated it is with the Windows OS and how it feels part of it.

    With the 2009 version of the program we saw the “Modern” aka Ribbon interface which I think is great and hope that for Power Archiver 2010 we can see the refreshed “ribbon” look that is used in Wordpad and Paint in Windows 7 and the upcoming Office 2010!!! :)

  • Alpha Testers

    from the screenshots of office 2010 I’ve recently seen it looks like a step in the wrong direction from the current design in my opinion.
    early days I suppose but there isn’t much wrong with it as it is at present.

  • I support it but… Im with moles. The Office 2007 ribbon looks far more polished and refined. I dont care for the new ribbon in Office 2010 and Win Live Apps.

    If a 2010 style could be added as an option I am all for it. So long as I can opt to use the 2007 style. This way everyone can have what they prefer.

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