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    at looking at a encrypted file in hex view, i have see this
    at the start of a hex view

    Rijndael Encrypted File (PowerArchiver 2004: www.powerarchiver.com)
    File: crap.7z
    SHA-1: 14223804019115809003905313718814321317810918624201 7

    is there a way not have any signature for this files for my encrpted files
    I like my file encrypted in and out

    I would also like user to define there own file extention

    Thank you

    i axendetly put it in the pacl wishlist should have been here

  • conexware

    It is randomly generated SHA-1 key, so there is not much to worry about on that end. It is not your password. It was meant to be there, and can be seen via txt editor.

    As to extensions, you cant change it and I dont really know how well would that work - I mean then your end user wouldnt be able to open it via PA right?

    In the future, we might make it so filename of encrypted file is not seen for privacy reasons - we had made pae to work similar to compression encryption formats in which it was usual to see name of the file that is encrypted…

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