Omitting empty folders from backups

  • I’ve created a PBS to incrementally backup a folder and its subfolders to a zip file, using relative folder names. However, the resulting ZIP contains the entire folder structure (under the specified root), even if there are no files in some of the folders. Is there a way to include subfolders in a backup zip but exclude them if they are empty?

    Jeff Jansen

  • conexware

    nope… especially in backup, preserving folder structure is crucial.

    i can move it to the wishlist if you wish.

  • I would indeed like this moved to the Wish List. Thanks.

    I’m not sure why you would consider preserving empty folders crucial for backups. If the restore destination has the folders that the backup archive does not, then no harm is done during the restore. But if the restore destination does not have the folders that are empty in the backup archive, then the restore destination gets a bunch of empty folders that it didn’t have before. Maybe that’s useful if you want to transfer a folder structure, but if you only want to transfer files, why clutter the zip and the restore destination with empty folders?

    I’m just suggesting that it should be an option to omit backed up folders from the archive if they have no files in them that meet the filter criteria for the PBS.

    Jeff Jansen

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