Bug reporting tools

  • like to see regular updates of what is fixed in each new beta / release so we can check it out.

    Also what we might expect so we can gear ourselves up for testing not just that component but all of powerarchiver fully.

    is there a free tool wich would help beta users of powerarchiver report there system. Some people can not report processes or bugs properly or what is running at the time on their system. I use a program now for this instance but untill i have fully checked it out i will not list it, but i was wondering if powerarchiver developers could recommend one to us, so we are all compatible and aid them in making paowerarchiver the best on the market.

  • Alpha Testers

    it’s a good Idea David…I’d be all for that.

  • conexware

    we usually release list of fixes, this release was unusual as we had pre-beta that only some users had access to and then official beta 1.

  • i understand that but having a tool that can take a snapshot of a system including running processes and maybe some other things can help identify bugs or conflicts with other softwrae would be a help am i right

    i think so and so do many other users

  • this progrm i have tested and works it creates a snapshot of your system and puts it in a txt file that you can edit with details of how the bug was made.

    great program


  • Alpha Testers

    thanks for link David…will check it out.
    hope it runs in vista as I see no mention of it doing so.

  • what do the powerarchiver developers think of this software? any good on helping bug test pa

  • conexware

    bugs are 99% not due to operating system or hardware you use, so what we need is clear and concise report of how to reproduce this… no software can do that so for us it has little value otherwise we would have specialized tool inside of PA for that. We dont because it doesnt offer much value and it makes PA slower and bigger.

  • Alpha Testers

    nuff said I guess…:)

  • Did you know windows 7 has a tool like this!

  • why is that?

    cause it is usefull

    if you can tell what is running on a computer when software is running like powerarchiver you can recreate the situations of crashes. more often than not people report bugs but no onme can reproduce them, cause other software are causing it.

  • conexware

    david, you usually report bug in one line sentence :-).

    so whatever you want to do to improve bug reporting you can do it.

    For us, 99% of that info is not useful, because last time another software caused issue with PA was 3-4 years ago… and thats among more than 1,000 other bugs reported.

    What we need is nicely written way to reproduce the issue, and that will help us the most, as well as being patient and answering our questions, even if sometimes they seem endless :-)

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