How to: add password protected .exe to RMB

  • Instead of zipping to .pae I’d like to have encrypted files (I mean password protected files) be zipped to .exe instead of .pae which is now the default.

    Have tried to encrypt a text file to .zip (with password protection), then renamed the .zip to .exe
    then on my new pc (with nothing installed - see my earlier mail) tried to open it.
    Double clicking that one gets me an error.
    The NTVDM-CPU has detected an illegal instruction.
    CS:0f75 IP:020c OP:c7 9b 14 97
    select close


    p.s.: I am happy I still have old pc at hand…

  • conexware

    you can not just rename .zip to exe :-).
    You need to create SFX archive.

    Best way to do it is to use SFX Wizard (from tools menu) and use 7zip sfx, select aes encryption.

    that will work great…

  • Thank you!

    Yeah … frankly, I forgot that feature :o

    I used once or twice, but the .pae thing was available in the context menu and assuming that it was identical to .exe I forgot about the sfx thing.

    When will it be available as a contextmenu item ?
    (same as .pae, so to say)


  • conexware

    what you can do with shell right now, is create password protected 7zip, and then right click on it and select Make SFX… that will work too.

  • Thanks.
    What Serhiy suggested in my other thread:
    In context menu select Powerarchiver->Encrypt and then select pae + tag selfextracting file.


  • conexware

    you want to use 7zip encryption + make sfx, both can be done via shell extensions… that will work properly…

  • Well, as said, I hope that one day File Encrypt, format .pae to self extracting format will be available in the context menu. That option does not require an installed PA version.
    I dont know if it is difficult job to add this to ‘Options, configuration, shell extensions’.


  • spwolf, ref your request to update the existing threads

    i’d like to bring this up again for the next release that you are working on.

    alternatively: add this to the submenu presented when selecting : zip with options
    (add: menu item Encrypt archive to .exe)

    what do you think?

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