Wrong wording when scheduling backups

  • Hi,

    the last option in the tree when creating backups is “Zusammenfassung”, on top of the window at the right, you read "Klicken Sie auf “erstellen” um das Script zu generieren = click “erstellen” to generate the script

    But if you click “Erstellen” at the bottom of that window, not only the script is created as announced, but the entire backup is running, despite the fact hat it was scheduled to another time.

    Would be a good idea, if “erstellen” realy only creates the script and you add an extra button “run backup now” Then all possible needs are satisfied at that point!

  • conexware

    too many buttons, you will have to live with that for now 🙂

  • Hi,

    too many buttons, you will have to live with that for now 🙂

    This is not the point! The “additional button thing” was a suggestion only. The point is, that the wording in use is simply wrong. Your wording there claims to only create the backup script, while the action you get by clicking “erstellen” ist the entire backup according to the script!

    So, you should either label it “create script and run backup” or modify the action behind the button, whereas, I would prefer to have only the script created at this place. I don´t want to occupy my workstation with a lengthy backup, while I only intended to modify whatever settings of my backup-script!

  • conexware

    Ok, we will replace Script with Backup, I think I got ya…

    And if you close script via close button, it will save contents without running the backup.